The Diploma







The original certification course in Coaching, NLP, Modern Hypnosis,  TFT and MindTraining approaches.



  • This course is one of the most popular trainings in Australia for those wanting a new career in this field and fulfills the highest level of accreditation and membership with relevant associations.


The Diploma Of Modern Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching takes the 11 day MindTrainer to the next level. Providing you with all you need to become a qualified professional.


The course covers Basic, Advanced and Master Level Hypnosis, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy, Modern hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis, Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level NLP, Time-Line Work, MindTraining, Regression Therapy, Meridian Based Techniques such as EFT and TFT, Success  Coaching and Life Coaching as well as Alistair’s unique change work models for anxiety, depression, weight loss and more…


You will be able to:

  • Treat over 200 common (and not so common) psychological, medical and  emotional issues (weight loss, smoking, confidence, public speaking fears, insomnia, pain control and elimination, goal achieving, self sabotage, habits and addictions, anxiety disorders, skin conditions, phobias, PTSD and so much more)
  • Show others how to remain positive and purposeful regardless of current life circumstances (divorce, loss, money, work, relationships, health)
  • Help people to live without fear, depression or anxiety
  • Identify the underlying beliefs that cause personal problems and then install the new beliefs that prevent relapses happening
  • End self sabotage programs and negative ‘what if’ thinking in yourself and others
  • Feel confident and secure within yourself so that you can pursue your goals with passion and vitality
  • Stop ‘should have, could have’ thinking, end living in the past mindsets and start living now
  • End ‘missing out on life’ thinking and start living a bright and compelling future.
  • Install confidence in people so that they can go on and build their own success


Help others, make a great income and do something you truly love…


  • Learn the skills, develop the confidence and be a success. The entire Alistair Horscroft a – z all in one training
  • As a life tool kit you are provided with the must cutting edge approaches to changing beleifs, values and behaviours. You learn how to align yourself to success, you learn how to end limiting thinking, self sabotage and
  • You will personally deliver real solutions that work, you will have recognised qualifications, association memberships and professional insurance as well as a pathway to a health rebate number if you wish.
  • This is a true career path experience that sets you up with everything you need to be a professional people helper, be that as a therapist, hypnotherapist, coach, personal development expert or NLP practitioner.
  • The skills we teach are a genuine alternative to psychotherapy, councelling and most clinical psychology. In fact we teach people from all these modalities and they have all said the same thing: What they learned on this course they gets results faster, allows them to enjoy their work more and feel they have more real world useful skills than with any other prior training.


Quick Facts


  • The Diploma provides a lifetime of learning, condensed into 3 weeks of in-class learning over 2 stages and a home-study element
  • It is the most comprehensive, real world applicable, ‘how to’ course of it’s kind in the world
  • It is recognised at the highest levels both in Australia and internationally
  • Course leads to health rebate number and professional / clinical level membership with the leading associations associations
  • This is an in-depth, immersion training that covers all you would ever need and more to be your own success
  • We offer up to 600 hours of training, amazing support and a warm and down to earth approach


The highest level of Certification and Training

Did you know that the Diploma Course…

  • Covers 2-3 times more real world applicable content than any other course in Australia
  • Has more ‘in class’ hours than any other NLP/Hypnosis course in Australia
  • Provides a unique combination of all the best modern therapy and modern change techniques available all in one industry-leading course
  • Has doctors, psychologists and practicing therapists rating this course as the worlds best
  • Can take you from where you are now to a fully qualified therapist/practitioner/coach in just a few short months and able to get insurance and a health rebate number as well as membership with all the world leading organisations and associations


Feel confident and safe in your choice


Feel safe knowing that you have a body of knowledge, the highest level of Australian certification, internationally recognised certification, hands on experience and the specific skills that will set you apart as a true professional on this exciting and rewarding life path. You will be personally taught by Alistair Horscroft.


Associations in Australia and Around The World Will Accept You With Open Arms.


Here are just a few of the associations you can choose to join upon fulfillment of criteria and course completion:

  • The Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • The Australian Board of NLP
  • The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists
  • The CCH (Combined Council of Hypnotherapists)
  • The British Board of NLP


Enrol now and receive your Home Study Course and Mini Library within days…

Enroll in the Diploma Course and we will immediately send you the in depth MindTrainer Home Study Course materials to get you started. This comprehensive pack contains a 200 page Manual with…

  • Massive information on Hypnosis
  • Introductory material on NLP
  • DVD demonstrations
  • Three ‘Introduction to Hypnosis’ audio CD’s.
  • 7 Brand new text books

This Home Study Training prepares you for the advanced material you learn on the 11 day training. In addition to this we will also send you (at no extra charge) a ‘7 Book Mini Library’ covering NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching from numerous standpoints and perspectives.


Handpicked by Alistair, most of these books are little known yet seen as the very best by those ‘in the know’. They are brand new and shipped direct to you. The Home Study Training and Mini-Library are valued at $895 – they are included AT NO EXTRA COST. We genuinely want you to have the best possible start.


What Alistair will personally teach you

When you attend the Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology, Alistair Horscroft will teach you how to master NLP, become one of the best hypnotists in the world and become a ‘super’ coach.

Alistair will show you what you really need to know to bring about positive change in yourself and others, so that you are better equipped than ever before to get the best from life.

Alistair will train you to identify your strengths, abilities and resources and show you how to use them to live a more fulfilled and successful life, take control of your emotions and become a far more powerful communicator and persuader who exudes confidence and builds rapport with ease.



We have come to be outspoken about what we offer in comparison to others, simply because we feel that there are companies springing up left, right and center that are ripping off students and leaving a bad taste in their mouths about our industry. A recent example is the ‘Stop Smoking In One Hour Training Companies’ that charge $8000 for 4 days + and provide no more information that you would find in a book, lie about the success rates and leave students with an incredibly low level of hypnotherapy skill. This is one end of the scale, the other is those training institutions that hide behind so called Government accreditation (Vetab) who in our opinion offer once again little more than information you can find in basic hypnosis books and teach outmoded, outdated and near to useless approaches. Spending significant sums of money on these approaches would leave anyone less than happy to say the least.


After 8 years of teaching in Australia and the many students we have had attend our course with prior training as well as countless phone calls from potential students frustrated at how much money they ‘wasted’ with certain training institutions and how they had wished they had heard about us first we decided to call it how we see it. We realise this may put some people off, but so be it. We are absolutely confident that if you met us in person and experienced our training there would be no doubt in your mind either.


So our advice would be:  stay away from “distance learning” or correspondence courses that claim to certify you as a clinical hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner. Just as correspondence courses are inappropriate for counselors, medical doctors and clinical psychologists they are inappropriate for people who want to be effective and successful hypnotherapists. If you actually want to develop skill as opposed to hear some nice stores and by impressed by the speaker – take a training as opposed to going to a seminar.


Don’t believe what other schools claim about accreditation, vetab and the like. Having these does not make you a good trainer or school, rather just good at filling in paper work. Progressive relaxation and script based hypnosis is not worth paying money to be trained in. Seminar providers that charge $8000 + to teach you to stop smoking with hypnosis in 1 hour are a scam. They teach you kindergarten hypnosis and lie about the potential results you can get.


Don’t be mislead by trainings that claim to offer 3 year courses etc. At the end of the day the number of in class hours you get is less than our 3 week intensive. Ask you NLP trainer exactly how much experience they have or did they just buy their trainers certification a few months ago ! (very common) Ask any marketer or trainer who promises amazing money from their hypnosis/NLP training if they have actually run a clinic/consulting business themselves and how many clients they saw a week and for how long. (most will not tell the truth, because they have never run a private practice or build a one to one coaching or therapy business from the ground up).


Use common sense, talk to people, ask around and insist on talking to the person who is actually going to train you. If the trainer won’t let you talk to them personally when you are putting a large sum of money down it is doubtful they will have much to do with you when the training starts.


Now we have that out of our system, we genuinely wish you every success in this field and whatever avenue you choose to pursue…

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