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In a previous blog post (Data Pyramid/Tail on Donkey) we talked about the importance of collecting personal data before we act.

Another benefit of being data driven is it allows us to do something extraordinary, to live beyond trend. To use trends rather than be a slave to trends.

We can enjoy trends but they serve us, they don’t define us.

For example if we go back to the concept that some peoples genetic’s have them thrive on high intensity exercise while others do better with moderate and some a mix of both.

Once you have been tested to find out which ratio’s best serve you, you are free to enjoy any forms of movement that serve these ratio’s.

You can choose the high intensity and moderate intensity styles you enjoy most. You might like to mix up yoga with cross fit, or peak8 with swimming or spin with walking. When you live optimal your world opens. Your personalized ratio’s and blueprint becomes the cornerstone of your decisions, not what a trend or biased trainer might say…

I remember being shocked when I started measuring my heart rate while training.

Heavy weight training hardly caused my heart rate to increase at all, but slow jogging made me go into high heart rate zones almost immediately. A close friend did the same and he was the opposite.

This data profoundly changed how I trained and my gains and recovery increased dramatically.

To get started with data based training you might like to try this:

Author: Alistair Horscroft

March 10, 2018

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