Accreditation, qualifications and certification can look like a bit of a grey area. It’s not, it’s just understanding that  associations have different standards and policies for entry and diiferent levels of membership. It’s important to know this information.

Most people when looking to undertake a course are mis-informed as to what this information is by the course sales agents. The Mind Academy has gone to great lengths to ensure that our students have all the most up to date information regarding qualifications, regulations, requirements.

The easiest way for us to make it as black and white as possible for you is for you to call the office

on: 1300 299 182

There are numerous options available to you but In short, we have gone out of our way to ensure that you graduate with the greatest number of options available. You will be able to join all the leading associations and get insurance and a health rebate number if you wish.

Regardless of what course you undertake you will leave with professional level qualifications that are recognised by the leading associations in:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Coaching

When you complete the full diploma you will also receive professional level qualifications in:

  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Modern Psychology

The Diploma Of Modern Psychology

As well as qualification and certification in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, TFT and EI you can also obtain a recognised Diploma.

The Mind Academy Diploma of Modern Psychology

The accredited or non accredited diploma choice

Some students want to get started in the industry as soon as possible. They want to get the key skills and qualifications they need to be recognised by the relevant professional associations and begin.

Others value a qualification that is part of the Australian Qualifications Network and have their training units available for credit towards others applicable courses.


Benefits of government accredited pathway

• Achieve and receive a Diploma Qualification that is recognised by Government and Industry

• Units can be used as credit towards further nationally recognised qualifications where applicable

• Some (not many) Health Funds now starting to require Government Accredited Qualification

• Enjoy a higher level of recognition among peers, industry and community


Benefits of non accredited pathway

• Join all the professional associations and get a health rebate number

• Lower Course Fee’s

• Shorter course duration

Your certifications in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, TFT and Emotional Intelligence remain essentially unchanged with either qualification.

It is only with The Diploma Of Modern Psychology where the option to become government accredited becomes available.

If government accreditation is important to you, we suggest that you call the office to have the journey clearly explained. It’s an amazing option to have, however it is also important that you choose the qualification that best suits your specific needs.

It’s a win win situation for you

Whichever diploma option you choose it’s a win win. You can start using your skills immediately upon graduation of each stage, you can join all the relevant association regardless of which option you choose and you leave your training with unlimited opportunities in the field of therapy, coaching and personal growth.

Relevant associations you can join (upon application)

• Australian Hypnotherapy Association: AHA

• Australian Society Of Clinical Hypnotherapy ASCH

• Australian Board of NLP: ABNLP

• Association of Coaching: AC

• Association Of Thought Field Therapy ATFT

• The Mind Academy / TMA

 . British Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis and NLP