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Coaching is a synthesis of psychological tools that has grown organically from various self help, personal development, NLP, counseling and psychology approaches.

Professional, quality coaching gets you clear, confident and in control of what you need to do to make ‘it’ happen.

Most coaching courses cover little more than basic, over taught yet misunderstood models such as SMART goal setting and GROW coaching models, forgetting that powerful coaching is less about goal setting and more about goal achieving.

Our students focus is goal achieving both for themselves and their clients, from daily goals to life goals.

Just some of the things you will learn…


You will understand the coaching blue print and be able to coach for personal, professional and financial gain

Enjoy incredibly rewarding work that can be done via the phone and Skype from your home office

Discover new opportunities to enjoy and excel both personally and financially

Complete a comprehensive, clear and pragmatic training that takes you into the coaching domain

Learn what you personally have to do to actualize your personal dreams during the course

Learn specifically how to move yourself and your clients through life hurdles and obstacles

Learn coaching specific language skills that motivate, empower and encourage your clients to their success

Learn the coaching specific techniques, methods and models that will make you a life coach

Understand the business of coaching so that you can have a whole new income stream coming your way.

The Mind Academy coaching curriculum empowers you to be your best.

The Mind Academy coaching training is free from jargon, filler and BS; instead you will be taught the core of real world, effective coaching.

Whether you want to be a ‘life coach’ and create your dream ‘life style business’ helping others, or a business manager who wants to learn how to coach your team to greater success, a sports coach who wants to get the best out of their athletes, or perhaps you just want to personally know how to use powerful coaching strategies to enhance yourself both personally and professionally. The coaching units will leave you with the confidence to coach…

The Coaching Reality

Your current level of thinking, strategy and accountability has got you where you are. If you want something more or something different, then one or more of these areas has to change. Coaching is the tool that makes it happen. This is as true as it is for you as it is for potential clients.

Life coaches are in the forefront of today’s, web-based economy, earning five and six-figure incomes from home on their own schedule, doing what they love, and impacting the world in a positive way every day. This training is dedicated to ensuring your personal professional success in every way possible.

Hands On From The Start, Massive Development Everyday

As the course unfolds you will develop the skill and ability to ensure that people set goals that they can actually achieve, you will be able to assist clients in creating exciting and compelling futures while developing the confidence required to make them happen.

You will discover how to end self sabotage and take back controlof the mind and body and you will take exciting personal journeys into your own personal success and transformation.

As far as we know there is no other course that teaches so much in such an accelerated way that still maintains the highest standards of excellence.

This course is real world based, we teach you what you need to know and what you need to be able to do to get amazing consistent success

Respected World Wide

The Mind Academy training programs are internationally respected for their thoroughness and usability as well as the informal yet deeply structured and enjoyable environment in which students learn. We use coaching to teach coaching, which means we don’t just talk about what coaching is supposedly able to do, we work with you every day so that you experience it in your own life. This way you won’t just learn new things – you’ll experience change, and those changes will last a lifetime.

Associations welcome our graduates with open arms, as they know our students have been trained to the highest level of skill and understanding.

The Mind Academy Training Team

Julie, Alistair & Craig

Clarity, Action, Results…

Professional, quality coaching gets you clear, confident and in control of what people need to do to make ‘it’ happen.  It is the missing link between knowing something and doing something.

Modern Psychology Coaching takes coaching to a new level of purpose, skill and application, focusing both on the central themes and models of coaching but also providing the key distinctions that make all the difference in the real world.

Knowing what action to take and then taking it is the hub of coaching. Doing what needs to be done and staying accountable to the required actions and outcomes.

To achieve this both within this self and with your clients you need proven, effective, simple and tested approaches, all taught on this course.

Upon successful completion of the Course you:

Get automatic membership with the Association of Coaching which is a partner with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Have completed an Australian Government Recognized Training Unit

Can Start a Career as a coach

Use the skill to take your life to the next level

Integrate the knowledge you have learned into you business

Become a genuine source of positive influence as you help people live the life they truly want…

Modern Hypnosis is only 1 pillar of The Mind Academy training. Discover the other powerful modalities you will learn:

Modern Hypnosis is a cornerstone pillar of The Mind Academy Stage 1, Stage 2 and Diploma Training. 

At The Mind Academy you will learn Modern Hypnosis along side

NLP, Life and Success Coaching, TFT and EI.

Read about the other change work pillars in The Mind Academy Training:


Life and Success Coaching



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