The 7 Day

Mental Diet

Thank you for your interest in training with The Mind Academy.

Please enjoy one of our most popular products, an experience that could truly change your life…



Introduction to the mental diet coaching mp3

The mind trainer NLP and Hypnosis audio mp3

7 day Journal pdf

Undergo a ‘mind cleanse’ and experience positive and transformative changes in your life.

It’s often said that life mirrors back to us our innermost beliefs, thoughts and feelings. With this program you focus on becoming mindful of the repetitive ‘negative’ thoughts and belief loops we can engage in as you then re-focus on aligning to a more positive and life enhancing inner reality.

Life is not about forcing happiness or positivity onto ourselves, rather becoming mindful of how our thoughts and feelings govern our experience and becoming aware of how we can re-frame and enhance our inner reality so that it more directly corresponds with the goals and vision we have for ourself.

The 3 steps:

1. Click the link below and download the 3 files 

2. Start by listening to The Mental Diet Explained

3. Read the outline in the journal and listen to the MindTrainer mp3 for 7 days

We hope you find the program beneficial and we look forward to meeting you on a training in the near future.

all the very best

Alistair, Craig and Julie