The cornerstones of mental resiliance

& peace of mind

Throughout every –part of your Mind Academy journey you will be introduced to Mind-Training concepts, theories and strategies.

Mind-Training the a body of knowledge put together by course and academy founder Alistair Horscroft that glues multiple modalities into a cohesive practical skill set.

Mind-Training provided the cornerstone understandings, psychology and philosophy that establishes what is known as a ‘success mindset’.


Discover and use enlightening mind tools

Meditation  – the ability to settle the mind and attain a non attached peace.

Mindfulness  – the ability to live harmoniously with and in the now

Binary communication The simple approach to tracking unconscious communication

Functional awareness The creation of the appropriate brain state required to meet the present moment.

Metaphorical Transformation The practical use of metaphor, archetype and symbolic language as a cornerstone to personal change

Models of The Brain The understanding and use of differing models of the brain to meet the change that is required.

Models of The Conscious and Subconscious – The application of differing models and metaphors of the conscious and subconscious to meet the change that is required

Pre-conscious change The focus on creating change at the pre-conscious level so that new, positive behaviors, thoughts and feelings occur spontaneously without over reliance on conscious will.

Thrive Based Focus Many psychological approaches are reactive and survival focused. Modern psychology is primarily focused on resourcefulness and thriving.

Attention density – The engagement of whole brain absorption to effect neuroplasticity rapidly and consistently

The Human as Mammal In a world filled with spiritual concepts, theories on consciousness, theories on human origins and religious ideas it can be all too easy to forget that one of the most powerful factors in human change is the recognition that we are in fact mammals. Evolved mammals, spiritual mammals maybe, but mammals none-the-less. The returning to this simple idea and the wisdom of evolutionary psychology is often life changing and empowering.

Mind-Training is taught throughout each stage

of the Diploma Of Modern Psycholgy


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