We all need to get started some how, and sometimes an upfront complete payment is either not possible or you simply prefer to spread the cost of the course out over time.

​To help you get started, we have two payment plan options available.

No Upfront Cost – Zero $ down Option:

Re-payments from $80 a week (see one client a week and you will be able to pay this and still make money)

  1. This option is a loan application that can be secured through our partnering agency Mac Credit.The whole process is completely online, and in most cases confirmation can be acquired in 24 – 48hrs.  These payment plans can be taken out over an extended period, which can further reduce payments to a very manageable $80 a week.

Getting Started with your online application is as easy as clicking this button

Want to take a look at how you can comfortably budget the repayment amounts for yourself. 

Click here to access the loan calculator

Upon successful application and enrollment, you will be sent all home study training materials and be enrolled in the in class training.

No Bank / Credit Facility debt option – 100% interest free.

  1. This is a non credit application.

You can start your training with a course deposit of just $2500. You will get sent all stage 1 text books and training materials and be able to attend the entire stage 1 in class training.Once your deposit has been paid your payment plan will consist of $500 payments each month thereafter until the remaining fees are paid in full. (this payment plan option is 100% free of any interest charges)

You can start payment plans for stage 1, 2 or the entire Diploma.

If this is an option you would like to talk through or utilise, please call Craig, our student intake director direct on:

1300 299 182

or email