I am writing to commend the 3 week Diploma course run by The Mind Academy. As a primary health care practitioner who has practiced hypnosis and NLP for the past 30 years, I found your program most exciting, well planned and thorough. I have attended many hypnosis and NLP workshops over the past 3 decades and found The Mind Academy program to be the most competent and well programmed I have yet attended. The value of this learning is highly applicable to all fields and disciplines of health care practice and I strongly recommend this program to all primary health care practitioner.

Your sincerely – Dr Melvyn A Sydney-Smith. KGSJ

“Alistair (Head Trainer of The Mind Academy) single handed, resolved the concerns of all 15 individuals on his very successful Discovery Channel T.V series he presented for us. We look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him. He is obviously a leader in this field”

Clare Leycock- Executive Producer – The Discovery Channel

“I did a great deal of research before choosing which course I was going to undertake as I understand that not all courses or trainers are created equal. I worked in the education and training sector for more than a decade and hold both VET and Tertiary Education qualifications; having been awarded a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and a Graduate Diploma of Experiential Education. I have experience working in a number of different educational settings including working for a Registered Training Organisation as a Trainer and Assessor. This course was the only course available that met my need of learning multiple modalities of Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching. The course content and delivery is of the highest quality. The multi modality structure of the course enhanced my understanding on the inter-connectedness of different approaches and has made me a much more versatile and dynamic practitioner. During my trainings with The Mind Academy I have met other participants who have trained with other providers and had found they had learned much more in a few days with Alistair than in their whole course with the other provider. Certainly for myself this course has given me the theory, working knowledge and competence to work successfully and grow my business as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Thank you”

Helen Hanslow ~ Helen Hanslow Hypnotherapy

“The course met more than met my expectations, it’s been so funny, we’ve laughed, we’ve transformed, it’s been amazing. I expect I am going to triple my income through doing this course.I have absolutely have learnt more here in three weeks than I did in my original 2 year Hypnotherapy training back in London.Before I felt like I was working with a couple of chisels, and now I have this whole tool box…it’s fantastic, thank you.”

Julie Rice –

” As a medical and mental health professional, I am inherently skeptical of any educational course advertisement I read no matter how laudatory or how well recommended it may be. This is born of the fact that in my speciality of seeing patients who suffer blood cancers or are victims of suicide, rape, battering, abuse, etc. I am required to take many hours of continuing education course work each and every year in order to maintain board certification in the areas of which I practice. Sadly, many of these courses are found wanting in both content and in the way the presenter organizes and teaches the material. One such experience I endured came from the 300 plus hours of hypnotherapy I had in the initial course I took in order to obtain my certification as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Well, flying in from the United States what a wonderful surprise I got ! Your course far exceeded my expectations and squelched every ounce of skepticism before the end of the first day. I want to thank you for one of the finest educational experiences of my entire career that exceeds 40 years. You are a credit to all who are fortunate enough to be one of your students.”

Dr Alan Brast, PhD, CCHT, CSA United States, Jon Muir Clinic

“I just wanted to write and say thanks and let you know how great I found the course. It has been mind-blowing actually starting to apply what I have learned (so much!!).

I have been practicing the full hypnosis with friends with pretty amazing results and getting up my skills at work in the sub-modalities, and shifting to more working with process rather than content. I’m particularly grateful to have been shown how important it is to allow the person to give up their own solution and tailor-make any changes according to their immediate feedback. It makes so much sense now why in the past there were so many times where something looked like it should work but never really took. Also after ten years of working as a psychiatrist only now do I really feel like I have the skills and confidence to be effectively talking through to the unconscious. It does feel like I’m working with a whole new world opened up. Thank you to you both too for the way you taught and ran the course, making it so light and fun – I did absorb so much and am going to be gradually integrating more and more of the tools into my practice. I will definitely be back to do the third week later in the year and have been recommending your course to everyone I have spoken to about it.”

Thanks again, Cheers Dominique ~ Psychiatrist

“After completing other NLP courses I began to hear about The Mind Academy and the fact that this course really was in a different league. This course surpassed my extremely high expectations… The course content was extraordinary ! Other NLP practitioner courses that I had done just left me with an unsettled feeling, they made it feel “hocus pocus” and not real world based. The Mind Academy makes NLP (and of course hypnosis and coaching) very tangible, very useable and very very enjoyable… and they most definitely makes it WORK ! So, now that I am armed with the extraordinary array of tools I learned and the confidence to utilise them… I am now helping others with anxiety, smoking, fertility, phobias!”

Tammy, Owner/Operator Curves Gym

“It’s less than a month after I have completed The Mind Academy’s Diploma of Modern Psychology and already I am seeing clients and getting the results promised by Alistair and Craig. The Mind Academy’s method of teaching and the quality of the material are exceptional. I feel like I have everything I need to bring about rapid change for people because I just need to deliver the tools I was taught and the results are as The Mind Academy promised.

I saw 9 clients last week so I can also see that my investment in the training will be returned in no time.

I was lucky enough to have both my adult daughters attend the training with me and it will be an experience we will value long into our future. We learnt a lot about ourselves and each other through The Mind Academy’s teaching. I can reassure anyone contemplating this course that it will be a decision they never regret .”

Lady Jennie Fenwick

“Wow! How to go from Learning, Knowing & Doing to BEING? Do this training. I had learned, I had trained (yes, Tony Robbins and all the so called big name prviders etc, etc) yet it was still not a part of me. Now? I am enjoying exactly who I want to be .. doing exactly what I want to do. Thanks to Alistair, each day I am aware of the new stuff I didn’t know that I now know, and now I know it! Thanks Alistair, you’re bloody honest, bloody funny and totally REAL. No “secrets” , none of the usual nonsense, no guru worship, no ‘better than energy’, no silly sales techniques, none of the crap just exactly what you promise, the most comprehensive training of it’s kind. I don’t want you to train with Alistair and The Mind Academy any sooner than it takes for you to start to begin to realise how you cannot afford not to work with them.”

James Lavers ~ The UK’s leading Coach, NLP & Hypnosis business builder

Generous, hilarious, intellectually rigorous, focused, ‘black and white’, punchy, philosophical, and compassionate and the most non ‘guru-like’ man you will meet. Your training was both a joy and a rare gift delivering far beyond expectation. Having worked with Hypnosis and NLP for 17 years myself, the goal was not so much about learning new strategies though I most certainly did! I got a much more profound understanding as to what drives the whole thing. Much of this happened just in observing the subtle mastery of process. He draws on a staggering range of ‘in-depth’ working knowledge so easily and enjoyably accessible. So many things just came into focus for me. This has had a strong and positive impact, both on myself and, inevitably, on the quality of work. It really is a case of finally getting the nut and not just the shell what a relief!

Matthew Malitowski – Registered Psychologist

I flew from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to attend The Mind Academy training in Australia. I got far more than I could ever have expected and will do them again for the sheer joy of it, let alone the extraordinary course content. Having attended numerous other courses such as Clinical Hypnotherapy I feel I am in a position to compare.

This course has given me a far deeper understanding and his real time/real life teaching style has allowed me to end the frustrating and to be honest, poor approaches I learned on the others courses. Instead I now have the confidence and ability to work naturally and spontaneously. This is the profound strength of this course. You finally get what you have always hoped for, world class training.

Matthew Malitowski – Registered Psychologist

“The best style of coaching, presentation and information delivery I’ve ever seen, and over the years I’ve seen the lot. Amazing course, packed with what you really need and what you really want to know. This course delivered well beyond expectations”

Mark Shields – Heads of Personal and Premier Banking – Barclays Bank Private Clients Ltd.

“It is difficult to convey in words actually how dynamic, immersive and experientially amazing the professional training delivered at The Mind Academy is, training which far exceeded my expectations.

The exceptional caliber of the training delivered by the trainers and importantly the combination of comprehensive course content in hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching is a rock solid foundation to students acquiring a level of excellence in modern psychology clinical practitioner skills. Thanks to the high level of training and competency, I am now equipped with a comprehensive skill set. On course completion I was able to confidently and proficiently put my first two clients ‘through the floor’ in hypnosis and effectively facilitate change for the clients. Training at The Mind Academy is undoubtedly the best decision that I have made in terms of my investment in time, money and professional training. Not to mention the classroom fun and hilarity and personal change benefits, a very enjoyably unexpected bonuses.

I am grateful to Alistair and Craig for wholeheartedly sharing their absolute best, and nothing less, with all of their students. I cannot recommend The Mind Academy training highly enough. You would be truly fortunate; professionally and personally, to have this experience!”

Janelle Richmond ~ Business Development Manager – Sydney

“I have completed my NLP Master Practitioner training, Master Hypnotherapy training and Life/ Business Coaching with The Mind Academy. I am thankful that, after extensive research, I chose to train at The Mind Academy. I was unable to find any other course nationally that was able to provide such extensive, knowledge based training and that also included graduate support after certification. I have found The Academy to be of superior quality in its training, delivery, content and ongoing student support than the other training academies I had researched. They have also assisted me greatly in growing my new business by providing me with a sound business model and regular advice on all facets of my therapeutic practice. They really strive to assist their graduates to succeed, both in business and in life. Due to all I have learned from The Mind Academy and their invaluable ongoing guidance, I now have a successful new career working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Pacific Private Oncology Hospital, working with patients whilst they undergo their treatments. This exciting and rewarding career would not have been available to me had it not been for the high caliber of training I received from Alistair.”

Lisa Keeley ~

“The Mind Trainer course is priceless, best thing ever…the variety, the content, the humor. I had so much fun and what I’ve learned has greatly expanded my scope in which to work with people and have already got client bookings !”

Sally Morley ~ Teenage Youth Support

“Attending the Advanced Diploma course at The Mind Academy was life changing in more ways than I could have imagined for a personal development course. Alistair and Craig are both great teachers with specialised skill sets that really complement one another and create a comfortable learning environment for everyone. What Alistair and Craig provide is unique, and is an experience that I found to be valuable, meaningful and insightful beyond any initial expectations that I held. The part of the course that surprised me the most was how academically fulfilling it was – so many personal development courses tend to dumb down what they teach. This course stood apart from others I have experienced because my mind was so engaged and focused the whole time. The learning environment was fun, natural and enjoyable over the entire 3 weeks.

I attended the course for professional training and received positive change work skills, growth and knowledge that were healing on all levels. I have never experienced such a remarkable course that covered so much.

Thank-you for everything you have done for me. I will never forget it.

With Love – Megan Halifax

“This course exceeded my expectations considerably, it was exciting, interesting and extremely valuable. It has opened up many areas for me personally that are now no longer stuck and opened up everyone’s belief in life while being light hearted and fun.”

Thank-you for everything you have done for me. I will never forget it.

Paul Burhmann ~ Business Owner

“An amazing educational adventure from start to finish. Fun learning at it’s best ! You can’t put a price on these skills. This course has changed my outlook immeasurable. This simplicity of the change strategies that effect permanent change, the pure joy of learning in such a fun environment and beautiful surrounds and the fun nature of each lecture despite such in depth subjects. Relax and enjoy this experience it will remain with you as a special memory. “

Penny Macklin – Registered Nurse ~ Geelong Grammar

“I only had enough time off to do the first week but I got so engrossed in the course that at the end of the first week I moved heaven and earth to do the remainder of it. The information was great and easy to follow, but the delivery by the trainers, Alistair and Craig is the stand out.”

Deb Kelly ~ Deborah Kelly Consulting

“I wanted to learn and understand hypnotherapy and NLP on the theoretical and practical level. It has more than fulfilled those expectations. The tremendous impact it has made on my life is still taking shape in the most wonderful and unexpected ways on a professional and personal level. In addition to the knowledge acquired, the self awareness and healing it catalyzed has greatly improved my work towards healing and helping others. Alistair has a totally down to earth approach that has obviously been earned by his years of hands on experience. Other training brochures and web-sites claim a lot. Alistair actually delivers and then some. I highly recommend his course”

Sherly Sulaiman – Yoga teacher ~ Director of The Depression Relief Clinic

“I have recently finished Alistair Horscroft’s Diploma Training Course. This course was taught by an exceptional professional, with a tremendous amount of information put together in a manner that was easy to understand and flowed effortlessly. The course has given me a wonderful new career path to follow and on a personal level I feel in control of my future like never before and feel much happier and more content. I have already started to recommend the course to everyone, regardless of whether they wish to use the skills for personal or professional use. I can’t wait for Alistair’s next course.”

Monica Black ~ Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“As a professional vocational trainer myself, I was looking for a course of study that was the best in the field. Obviously I did extensive research beyond the hype and sales pitches and all markers pointed to Alistair as being the genuine course of choice by those able to discern quality and substance from hype and the surface level knowledge so often taught. It has been an extraordinary learning experience for me, with profound personal changes accompanying a training where every single second was maximised for our learning benefit. I can not recommend this course highly enough.”

Greg Smithers ~ Master Hypnotist, Master Practitioner NLP, VETAB

“I have encountered many teachers and “masters” of the” science of mind/body, however I found Alistair to be in a league all of his own. Equipped with outrageous humour, infectious spirit and firm determination to train us to our full potential Alistair inspired quite unexpected changes in both my personal and professional life. Alistair’s methods have also enabled me to incorporate hypnotherapy & NLP into my clinical practice immediately. If this is the field you want to work in seek out where this man is training, travel between countries if you must but track him down, and when you do – sit down, strap in, and pay attention – all you need is there. It was an honour to be trained by someone of his caliber, a rare find indeed.”

Jade Clark, Sydney ~ Teacher of Anatomy and Physiology on the Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training Program.

“Exciting, exhilarating and amazingly interesting are just a few words I would use to describe Alistair and Craig’s course at the mind Academy. I have only finished the course last week and have already achieved results that still astound me using the techniques taught in this course. Lots of fun, laughs and learning was had by all and was one of the best things I have ever done. I will certainly look forward to doing more courses in the future and am excited about practicing and perfecting the things I have already learned.”

Cheers Alistair and Craig and big thank you !! ~ Deb Stack

“I would like to thank you and Craig again for presenting such a great course. The structure of the course was very effective. The course always emphasized on getting to the core of the issue or concerns quickly and accurately, so we can deliver the best solution via therapy or coaching. I believe we did around 70% practical work during the course which helped me in terms of gaining experience in this field quickly. I appreciate your ethical and honest approach to training, as well as your genuine intent for us to be successful as an individual and in this field. “

Kind regards, ~ Jenny Scalley

“I am astounded at what I learned and the speed and ease with which alistair conveyed his extensive, encyclopedic wisdom. I choose the word ‘wisdom’ deliberately as it never felt like intellect which just feels smug and leaves you empty. His style and his manner work magically to weave a sense of wonder which in turn inspires a willingness to venture and to explore and indeed to relax and open up. It is only when you feel like this that true education, true learning can happen. But that’s not all whilst all this sounds great, and was the big bonus was that at the end I believe everyone in the class had the skills and the confidence to leave the course and start practicing our new vocation. That is a rare thing indeed, to complete a seminar/training and truly feel this way. In my experience this does not automatically come at the close of most courses regardless of what the sales literature may say. I cannot recommend Alistair’s training more highly. I investigated almost all other related courses on offer and Alistair’s stood head and shoulders above the others in value and commendation from practicing professionals. Do it, you’ll never look back.”

David Schroder ~ NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“For me, Alistair has definitely been the best NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer I have come across. I experienced genuine, massive personal change for my self and I collected a superb new tool kit to unleash on my own clients. Most valuable to me however was that I walked away from the course with a strong sense that life is more colourful, more beautiful and more alive than it had been 10 days prior. Alistair’s brilliance knows no bounds when it comes to his sensitivity, his skill level, his wisdom, his compassion and his wicked English sense of humour which had me in stitches from start to finish. I have never laughed so much over a 10 day period in my entire life ! If you are looking for the real McCoy, then spend your time with Alistair. There is no one better. This man is a true genius”

S. Mudd, Manly ~ NSW

“The Mind Trainer Certification Course exceeded all my expectations. Apart from giving a complete and thorough training, Alistair provided us with an opportunity to enrich our lives with the many empowering ideas and examples he presented, making the Science of NLP and Hypnosis practical and applicable to our own personal growth as well as allowing us to become accomplished practitioners. The learning experience was further heightened by the extremely enjoyable and inspiring nature of the course. This course has my highest recommendation to all aspiring practitioners and Life Lovers in general. I look forward to further training with Alistair in the future.”

Ashwin Kissun ~ BSc Psychology, Sydney

“What an amazing experience. I have never learnt so much, laughed so hard, or enjoyed a mind expanding experience as much as the two weeks on the Mind Trainer Certification Course. Alistair takes the ‘mysteries of the mind’ and shows you just how simple and yet beautiful the mind is. He also hands you the key to unlocking those mysteries, in a very down to earth, honest and entertaining way. Even if you never wanted to take it further than the experience itself, these 2 weeks genuinely are life changing.”

Christine Dacron ~ Corporate Advisor

“This course really opened my mind up to just how powerful the mind really is, and to have the tools to work with that I gained through this course is just unbelievable. I have told Alistair that I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for 29 years and through that program I had cleaned my past up and found a wonderful way of living. But with the extra tools I got from the Mind Trainer course my outlook has been broadened so much more. I am looking forward to using them for other peoples benefit, but more-so for mine.”

Joe W. Cronulla.

“”I have no doubt that we’ve been trained by the best! The group environment was warm, friendly and very supportive of each other. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It refreshed me, meeting new people, learning new skills, exploring new avenues. I also seem to have more energy. After the course, I was buzzing whereas before the course (and for a long while now) a day at work pretty much emptied my energy bank for the day. I feel calmer, more focused, more relaxed, more productive and more positive. It was the best of everything.This Christmas, I have enabled an old lady who previously could not go on any public transport to go on Eurostar to visit her only daughter for Christmas, a mother of 4 who couldn’t get in a lift to go away with her family in New York where she has to take a lift to the 37th floor for her hotel, a young woman who previously had insect phobia to go to West Africa to meet her future in laws, a nervous driving test taker to get through her 7th driving test with NO nerves, a well known television actress who had no exit terror take her sister to New York for her 40th b/day and much more. Yes that does make me feel as if I have done something worthwhile.”

Sarah Beesaon ~ Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.