This is the REAL why behind The Mind Academy

I did. I had no choice.

I came from a majorly dysfunctional upbringing. Two mentally ill parents, properly mentally ill. One had Bi-Polar and the other schizophrenia so yep, the real deal.

In their confusion they sent me to a ‘spiritual cult’ from age 9-16… yep a bonified real one that books were written about. I had to live with strange cult families when my parents went off to find themselves in India for months at a time.

I suffered physical and mental abuse and had my young mind filled with all manner of crazy.

By age 12 I was self medicating with alcohol and cigarettes. I was picking my skin until it bled and had crushing anxiety and OCD.  By 16 I was doing drugs and was drunk most days.

But I was a tough little dude (I truly see my younger self as a total hero, as you should with your younger self if they made it through a load of shit) and took life into my own hands at 16 and left school and started on a journey to heal, succeed and live MY life.

I knew that if I didn’t sought my own mind and body out I was screwed. The thought of being like my parents deeply terrified me.  For years I would wake up most nights sweating in fear of losing my mind and live most days hanging in there by a thread.


I went to psychologists, councillors and therapists of all types. I literally completed every new age approach you can imagine, did every healing and psychology approach there is. I quite literally did it all… yep ALL. Everything you would have heard about AND all that you’ve never heard about !

By far the most impactful and life transforming and healing out of it all was learning how to work with my unconscious mind. This made ALL the difference. Through extensive study and work with Hypnosis (no, not silly weird new age stuff, the real deal), NLP (again not the silly sales and Tony Robbins stuff, the original genius level stuff) and many, many other unconscious mind approaches I healed and transformed and returned to clarity and self power.

The next most useful was coaching… which helped me run my conscious mind with success.

Empowered and free, I was able to start helping others and at age 27 I took over the UK with my own TV series helping others and featured in pretty much every magazine and newspaper in the country. I was the therapists therapist and helped rock starts, sports stars and celebrities as well as thousands of private clients.

Now, some years later and in my 40’s I have genuine answers to the problems of the mind and brain. I have real solutions and I have trained thousands of people in these approaches.

I was born to do it. I was born into a family of mental illness and I had to work out how to heal myself. I HAD to understand the mind… AT ALL COSTS. 

Not just my mind, but THE MIND.

So… this is the why behind The Mind Academy. I suffered terribly, I worked out how to not suffer and I wanted others not to suffer. 

I hate seeing others suffer, when there are real answers and solutions. 

The Mind Academy is a training like no other. It’s NOT some silly personal development seminar with everyone jumping around like ADHD kids or some weird indulgent meditation and mindfulness orgy with some narcissistic google shaman or guru sprouting mumbo jumbo. 

It was created to be that ONE place, that ONE training that truly did what it said on the tin. Down to earth, real, get it done. Real answers, real solutions…. Oh, and it’s hilarious. 

Do you REALLY want to understand the mind?

DO you REALLY want to sought yourself out?

Do you REALY want to help others heal and succeed…

Then Train With Us

Get into it…


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