STRUGGLE VS SUFFERING – Be a different animal.

Embrace one to lessen the other.

Struggle and difficulty are not personal to you. They are inevitable. 

The more you embrace this fact the less you will suffer.

You want to be a different kind of  animal… a  power house of life force and not a grinning cake eating primate trying to have ‘an easy life’.

Gold is rare, coz it’s hard to come by. Gold is not found littered in the street.

Being in the best shape for you age. Vibrant and healthy.

Having the best relationships possible. Only accepting loyalty, goodness and integrity.

Making fuck you money so you never have to bow to the man.

Beating  those shitty habits, so you not controlled by your weakness.

Ending anxiety and weird moods because they are not your natural state.

These are all like gold. Rare. Because they take effort and struggle, self honesty and accepting nothing less.

Want it… be a different kinda animal. Seek gold.

Don’t be a cake eating, grinning, submissive primate.

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