In every movie the hero hits the hardest place, the impossible place. 

Hopeless, helpless… seemingly no way forward, no way out, no way over, no way through.

If the movie ended there it would be a bit of a shit movie. 

Instead the moment calls for the best of the character to come forward… to become the hero. 

Struggle is inevitable. 

It’s not personal. 

Every mammal including human mammals deal with it. 

The difference is how we control our own narrative in the story of our life. 

The hero, is the hero for a reason… 

Take control of your own narrative. The story of your life. 

See where you are in your own story and use it to make your movie a fucking block buster…. 

Blockbusters take massive effort, set backs, resources, struggle…and a hero that is a fucking legend… 

What story are you telling yourself?

One you’d want to watch or one that would bore you fuckless?

What character you playing?

Victim, NPC or Hero?

Where in the movie are you?

Highlight moment? Cross roads? Despair? Understanding? Denial? Training Montage? 

Whose writing it?

You? Partner? Mummy? Daddy? Kids?

Whose directing it? 

You? Partner? Mummy? Daddy? Kids?

Step into the hero, start writing the story you want to live, take on the director roll and know that as in every movie as in every life there are inevitable, universal experiences… they are not personal. 

Get into it…

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