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Specialise in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT, EI and Coaching or run a multi-disciplinary practice.

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Pathway to full government accreditation available

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Experience the most comprehensive course of its kind, a professional and personal training experience like no other. This is the original and unsurpassed modern psychological tool kit that makes you a masterful exponent of change and transformation. You get all you need to start an empowering new career or enhance your existing one. You discover how to create real change in yourself and others and you learn how to become a genuinely skilled, successful and knowledgeable practitioner.

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Multi-certifications and accreditation in 1 training - fully accepted by all leading associations and professional bodies

Course Highlights

  • Certification and accreditation that is accepted and respected by all the leading, relevant associations and professional bodies in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Thought Field Therapy and Mind Training throughout the world.

  • You will train in one of the most inspiring, informative, fun and student focused environments there is.

  • You experience the techniques and strategies first hand, both as the client and the practitioner from day one. This results in the development of real world competence and confidence.

  • Real accelerated learning principles have been integrated into the course such as immersion, multi-sense learning, unconscious uptake, feedback loops, class discussion and Q and A.

  • Majority of training is in class with supporting home study and online work. These skills demand majority emphasis on in-class training where you get to interact and learn with real people 'in situ'.

  • Get all you need to start a new career or income stream as well as experience genuine lasting personal development.

  • The course is designed so that you personally have the opportunity to resolve life challenges, remove blocks and take yourself to your next level of success.


  • Generous, hilarious, intellectually rigorous, focused, ‘black and white’, punchy, philosophical, and compassionate and the most non ‘guru-like’ man you will meet. Your training was both a joy and a rare ...
  • I flew from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to attend Alistair’s training’s in Australia. I got far more than I could ever have expected and will do them again for the sheer joy of it, let alone the extraordinary course ...
  • Alistair single handed, resolved the concerns of all 15 individuals on his very successful Discovery Channel T.V series he presented for us. We look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him ...
  • The best style of coaching, presentation and information delivery I’ve ever seen, and over the years I’ve seen the lot. Amazing course, packed with what you really need and what you really want to know ...
Modern Psychology Traditional Psychology
  • Unconscious Mind Focus
  • Rapid Results and Transformation
  • Future and Solution Focused
  • Allowing and Flexible
  • Clean Language Driven Model
  • Process and Context Based
  • Whole Person Approach
  • Integrated Multi-approach and Methods
  • Clear Integration Of NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, TFT, Psychology, Philosophy
  • Leading Edge Approaches
  • To Latest Research
  • Clear Understanding Of Beliefs, Values and Behaviours
  • Uplifting, Inspiring and Sees Life As Full Of Possibilities
  • Focused On Thriving
  • Conscious Mind Focused
  • Slow Results and Change
  • Past and Problem Focused
  • Rigid and Restrictive
  • Cluttered Language Models
  • Content Based
  • Mind Body Separation
  • Borrows From Everywhere, No Clear Body Of Knowledge
  • One Size Fits All
  • In Cycle Of Playing Catch Up
  • Often Stuck In Out-dated theories
  • Confused Understanding Of Beliefs, Values and Behaviours
  • Focused on 'coping, handling and getting through'
  • Focused On Surviving

All of this in the only fully integrated Diploma of it's kind in the world
Hypnosis Training
Modern Hypnosis Training (Neuro-hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Elman Hypnosis, Stage and Street Hypnosis, Hypno-analysis, Hypno-regression, Past life Hypnosis and more)
Read more
Pure NLP Training
NLP Training (The Original and still unsurpassed core NLP models and techniques from the 1970's, Time Line techniques, Open awareness NLP, MindTraining NLP)
Read more
Coaching Training
Coaching Training (life coaching, success coaching, health coaching, NLP coaching and more)
Read more
Mind Training
MindTraining (The collection of change work models and distinctions created and collected by Alistair Horscroft over the last 30 years)
Read more
Thought Field Therapy
Thought Field Therapy (An original Roger Callahan Syllabus)
Read more

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